January 1910, No. 143 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 43, col. 2

Canadian Northern Ry. construction, etc.


Canadian Northern Ry.—Application is being made to the Dominion Parliament to authorize the construction of the following lines of Railway: from Dundee, northerly and easterly, to the Winnipeg River; Portage la Prairie, southerly and easterly, to tp. 2, r. 7, e.p.m.; Hartney, westerly, to tp. 5, r. 7, w. 2, m.; Moose Jaw, southerly and easterly, to Blenfalt with a branch from near Estevan to Roche Percee; between Davidson and Disley on the Qu'Appelle, Long Lake and Saskatchewan Rd., westerly and northwesterly, to the Saskatoon-Calgary line; Lashburn, westerly, to between Camrose and Edmonton; Saskatoon-Calgary line near tp. 28, r. 6, w. 4 m. to Rocky Mountain House; Saskatoon-Calgary near the crossing of Red Deer River, northwesterly, through or near Innisfall and Rocky Mountain House to head waters of Brazeau and McLeod Rivers and to Yellowhead Pass; Winnipegosis, southerly, to constructed line near south end of Lake Manitoba; from authorized line between Prince Albert and Battleford near tp. r. 3, w. 3 m., northwesterly and northerly to Great Slave Lake; from authorized line east of Lake Manitoba, westerly, via the Narrows to its constructed line between Grandview and Roblin. The company asks power to issue bonds to the amount of $25,000 in addition to $5,000 a mile for the specific purposes mentioned in sec. 4. chap. 50, of the statutes of 1902, and excepting that in respect of any of the lines constructed west of the easterly limit of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, bonds to the value of $35,000 a mile may be issued. The decision of the Minister of Railways shall be final as to the limit of the easterly limit of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

The bill also provides for an extension of time for the construction of the following lines authorized by sec. 2, chap. 92 of the statutes of 1908: from Strathcona, southerly to Calgary., Alta.; from Regina, south-westerly to the interNational boundary between ranges one and four west of the third meridian, Sask.; from near Russell, on the Rossburn branch, westerly via Yorkton, to near Goose Lake, Sask.; from miles north of the company's line between Winnipeg and Ste. Anne, Man., generally southerly to the boundary of Manitoba; from near Battleford, Sask., generally westerly to the Brazeau River, Alta.; from near Regina northerly to Humboldt, thence northeasterly down the valley of the Carrot River to a point near Pas Mission on the Saskatchewan River; and from between Humboldt and the South Saskatchewan River, northeasterly to the crossing of the South Saskatchewan River near the company's Prince Albert branch, and provides further extending the time for the construction of the following lines:—from Prince Albert, Sask., to Edmonton, Alta.; from Swan River, Man., westerly to the Saskatchewan River (partially constructed) ; from the Morden and North-Western Ry. between Neepawa and the westerly boundary of Manitoba, thence northerly to the line between Grandview and Battleford, Sask.; from near Regina. north-westerly and westerly to the Red Deer River, Alta., with branch from west of the Saskatchewan River northerly to tp. 45, r. 4, west of the third meridian; the Railway authorized to be constructed by the Winnipeg and Hudson Bay Ry. and Steamship Co. (partly constructed) from Winnipeg to Fort Nelson or Fort Churchill or some other point on Hudson Bay; the line commencing at the end of the 40 miles constructed by the Winnipeg and Great Northern Ry., thence to St. Laurent, or Oak Point, on Lake Manitoba, and thence generally northerly to the Grand Rapids on the Saskatchewan River, (partially constructed); the line authorized to be constructed from near the Narrows of Lake Winnipeg, Man., to near Battleford, Sask., thence to Edmonton, Alta., and on to the Pacific Coast, near the Skeena River, by way of Pine River pass, or other feasible pass; and the partially constructed line from McCreary station, Man., passing through Cartwright to the southern boundary of the province.

W. Mackenzie, President, stated in a recent interview in Toronto, that the company had completed over 400 miles of track during 1909, and had finished the surveying of a route from Edmonton, Alta., to Vancouver, B.C. As soon as the necessary sanction had been given by the British Columbia Legislature to the agreement made with the Government, construction work would be proceeded with on the line to Vancouver.

The Supreme Court of Ottawa gave judgment Dec. 13, in the case in which the Canadian Northern Ry. appealed against an order of the Board of Railway Commissioners requiring it to fence certain portions of its Railway. The court dismissed the appeal as to enclosed lands, but allowed it so far as unenclosed lands are concerned.

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