January 1910, No. 143 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 43, col. 3

Canadian Northern Ry. construction, etc.


Yellowhead Pass to Vancouver.—We are officially advised that during last summer and fall an instrumental survey was made of the North Thompson River valley from Kamloops to Cranberry Lake, and a location projected thereon has been approved for 88 miles north from Kamloops. This survey was made by C. F. Hanington and Jno. Irvine, in charge of parties working from Cranberry Lake south and from Kamloops north, respectively. These two parties are now working, Hanington from Cranberry Lake easterly towards Yellowhead Pass, Irvine from Kamloops westerly, down the South Thompson. A surveyor the Fraser River valley was also made during the summer from seven miles up the South Thompson above Lytton, westerly, for 37 miles, by J. V. Nimmo, to a junction with a party in charge of W. K. Gwyer, working easterly up from Yale, which party has since been running the line from Yale westerly towards New Westminster, where they were expected about the end of 1909. Of this work, 15 miles from Yale up the Fraser River and 5 miles from Lytton down, have been approved and plans for the remainder are now before the Government for approval or in course of preparation. T. H. White is the chief engineer in charge of the surveys.

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