December 1910, No. 154 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 1069, col. 2

Electric railway projects, construction, betterments, etc.

Toronto and York Radial Ry.—The question of providing a better service on the Metropolitan Division came before the Ontario Railway and Municipal recently. it was suggested that the only solution of the difficulty was to lay a second track, but the various municipalities object to this, and proposed that the company should buy a private right-of-way. Further consideration of the matter was adjourned until Feb. 1, 1911.

The Toronto city council, Nov. 21, passed a resolution authorizing for acquiring the section of the Mimico Division from Sunnyside to the Humber River, the franchise for which is about to expire. The townships of York and Etobicoke are interested in the line between the Humber and Long Branch, the franchise for which is also about to expire, and have been considering what steps to take in regard thereto. (Nov., pg. 965.)

Railways: Met.Ry., T. & M.Ry., T. & Y.Rad.Ry.