January 1912, No. 167 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 20, col. 1

Grand Trunk Railway construction, betterments, etc.

New England plans.—The Providence, R.I., city council has passed an ordinance granting the Southern New England Ry. the right to lay tracks along the west side of Providence River.

Application is being made by E. H. Fitzhugh to the Vermont Legislature for a charter to build a railway from Barre to Williamstown, under the title of the Barre Granite Ry. The matter will come before the Public Service Commission Jan. 8. It is proposed that the new railway connect with the Montpelier and Wells River Rd. It is said Barre will be made the headquarters of the new road if the project materializes.

The question of the union railway station at Burlington, Vt., came before the Public Service Commission Dec. 5, but its decision has not been announced.

Railways: G.T.Ry.