January 1912, No. 167 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 29, col. 2

Railway finances, meetings, etc.


Brockville, Westport and North Western Ry.—The whole of this company's property, including the line from Brockville to Westport, Ont., 45 miles, with the rolling stock and other equipment, etc., was sold under a court order in Toronto, Dec. 11, to R. P. Ormsby, Assistant Secretary, Canadian Northern Ry., for $250,000. Mackenzie, Mann and Co. have for some time held $442,000 of bonds out of a total issue of $450,000, and had a claim of about $50,000 for accrued interest, but they were unable to locate the holder of the other $8,000 of bonds, so that a sale of the property became necessary to given them a title to the property. Mackenzie, Mann and Co. also held over 90% of the common and preferred stock.

Railways: B.W. & N.W.Ry., C.No.Ry.