January 1912, No. 167 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 32, col. 2

Canadian Northern Railway construction, betterments, etc.


Canadian Northern Ontario Ry.—The line under construction from Hawkesbury, Ont., to Montréal wl1l run through the southern part of Two Mountains county, which is now without railway accommodation. The engineers in charge of construction opened an office in St. Eustache, Dec. 1, and work is being gone on with in that vicinity. The right of way has been cleared up to the river, and work has been started on the bridge to connect with St. Jesus. A second bridge will carry the line on to Montréal Island, it is stated that a connection will be made with the G.T.R. Jacques Cartier line, so as to run trains into Bonaventure station, pending the building of the company's own terminals in Montréal. It is reported that considerably more than half the grading has been completed between St. Eustache and Hawkesbury, and it is expected to have the line completed by the end of the year. A new line from Hawkesbury into Montréal was put in operation early in 1911.

Westward from Ottawa, contracts have been let to J. P. Mullarkey for building the line from Ottawa to Pembroke, 90 miles, and to Angus Sinclair, C.E., for building the line from Pembroke to Capreol tp., 220 miles. This will carry the line to a connection with the Toronto-Sudbury line, and its extension, which will form part of the transcontinental line.

From the end of the present constructed line near Gowganda Jct., the line is under contract to Port Arthur. Steel is reported to have been laid to 61 miles beyond Sudbury Jct. Plans and books of reference for the route between mileage 68.7 and 76.5; between mileage 79 and 80.8, and between mileage 182.03 and 183.78 have been filed in the registry office at Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved of revised location plans for the line in Nipigon tp., mileage 68.58 to 69.53; from mileage 194.52 to 203.24, and from mileage 534.72 to 535.01 (Pearl station) from Sudbury Jct.: and from mileage 48.8 to 50.5 from Port Arthur, in Dorion tp.

The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved of revised location plans for the Toronto-Ottawa line, In the vicinity of Stonehouse Lake, Storrington tp., mileage 174.67 to 175.35 from Toronto.

The plans for the company's lines in the northwest part of Toronto and out through Lambton have been before the Board of Railway Commissioners. Orders were made as to the provision of subways, and it is said that a new route alongside the C.P.R. will be utilized through Lambton. The company through a subsidiary—the Toronto, Niagara and Western Ry. Co.—is reported to be buying right of way in and through Hamilton. Press reports state that the surveys for the westerly extension of the line are being made from Hamilton via Brantford, and London to Sarnia, Ont.

Railways: C.N.O.Ry., C.No.Ry., G.T.Ry.