January 1912, No. 167 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 32, col. 2

Canadian Northern Railway construction, betterments, etc.


Canadian Northern Pacific Ry.—M. H. McLeod. General Manager and Chief Engineer, C.N.R., was in Vancouver, B.C., Dec. 6. He is reported to have stated that It was proposed that the company's engineers would resume location survey work In the spring in the direction of the Pine River Pass. A route map had already been filed at Ottawa, and the line through northern British Columbia would be built under one of the C.N.R. subsidiary companies' charters. While Stewart, on the Portland Canal, had been spoken of as the probable terminus, nothing had been determined. In connection with the statement It may be mentioned that the Canadian North Eastern Ry. has been built inland from Stewart to Bear River, and C. Hoard, with an engineering party, returned to Victoria at the end of Nov. from a surveying trip along the Naas Valley to Hazleton. B.C.

While on the Pacific Coast. Mr. McLeod made an inspection of the work going on at Port Mann, and also of probable routes between that place and Vancouver. Track has been laid on the line from Port Mann, easterly to Chilliwack, 46 miles, and work will be continued all winter on sections of the line between that point and the eastern boundary of the province, to which point the line is being built from Edmonton, Alta. The working force was increased during Dec., and it is expected it will be still further added to during the winter, as Mr. McLeod stated that it was the company's desire to have the line completed through by the end of 1913.

We are officially advised that a contract has been arranged with J. A. L. Waddell, Kansas City, Mo., for plans for two bridges across the Fraser River, and four across the Thompson River, and for supervising the erection of the same. Nothing has as yet been decided as to the design of these bridges.

Railways: C.N.P.Ry., C.No.Ry.