July 1912, No. 173 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 367, col. 2

Electric railway projects, construction, betterments, etc.


Lake Erie and Northern Ry.—J. Muir, President, made the announcement in Brantford, Ont., recently, that $1,000,000 of the company's bonds had been placed, subject to the subscription locally of $500,000 of debenture stock. Of this $275,000 had been subscribed by H. Cockshutt, J. Marr, L. Harris, J. Sanderson and R. Thompson, and it was proposed to ask the municipalities to subscribe for the balance in the following proportions:—Brantford, $125,000; Paris, Galt, Simcoe and Port Dover, $25,000 each. The men named above, with W. P. Kellett, are the directors of the company. The taxpayers of Brantford, voted June 25, on a bylaw to borrow the sum necessary to purchase the debenture stock at 90, the price at which it has been offered. The councils of the other towns have the matter of subscribing for the stock under consideration.

A meeting of shareholders to complete organization and to authorize the issue of first mortgage and other securities has been called to be held in Brantford July 9.

The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved location plans for the line from the Grand River to Colborne St., Brantford. (May, pg. 251.)

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