Thursday, August 15, 1929 The Barrie Examiner Page 6, col. 4

Worsted plant, Orillia, closes

English competition thro' removal of duty is cause given.

Packet and Times

As soon as it has completed its present orders the Orillia Worsted factory is to be closed down. Operations will cease at the end of next week.

For some weeks there have been rumours of this, but the finla decision was reached at a meeting of the Directors helds in Toronto last week.

Tariff changes are at the root of the closing down of this fine factory, which for years has given employment to from 75 to 140 hands, chiefly girls. In the tariff revision of 1928 the duty was taken off worsted warp yarns, which the Orillia factory produced for the mills at Hespeler. As a result the company find that they can import the yarns from England cheaper than they can manufacture them; hence the decision to close down. Another yarn factory at Peterborough also has been closed down, and the fate of two or three others is uncertain.

Asked as to whether there was any likelihood of the Orillia factory reopening, Mr. Davidson, the manager, said he feared it was improbable, unless the tariff was restored.

The Orillia Worsted factory was built in 1917 by the R. Forbes Co., Ltd., Hespeler. It was located in Orillia by suggestion of J. B. Tudhope, who is a close friend of Mr. Forbes. It was enlarged in 1922, a 50-foot addition, three storeys high, was built, and is a splendid factory building, with over 4,000 spinning spindles. For the last year or so the staff has been cut down because of the conditions. But in normal times it have employment to from 100 to 140 hands. The closing down of the factory will be a serious matter to the girls who have depended upon it for employment. About a year ago Mr. Forbes sold out his interests at Hespeler and Orillia to the Dominion Woollens and Worsteds, which is a merger of six mills constituting the largest woollen and worsted concern in Canada. it is by the direction of this corporation tghat the order for the closing of the Orillia factory has been issued. Orillians will learn of this decision with regret. Since the policy of lowering the tariff has been in favour of several of Orillia's industries have been hard hit. But this is the first one that has been forced to close down. The other have been able to develop new lines and markets. The worsted factory is, unfortunately, suited to only one class of work.

Stations: Dominion Woollens and Worsteds, Ltd. (Orillia)