October 2, 1931 B.R.C. File No. 38138 (Wyebridge Sub. abandonment) (Ottawa)

The Board of Railway Commissioners
for Canada

The Canadian National Railway Company hereby applies to the Board for an order under section 23 of Chapter 172, of The Revised Statutes of Canada The Canadian National Railways' Act for a recommendation of the Board of Railway Commissioners to the Governor-in-Council that the Railway may abandon the operation of the Wyebridge Subdivision 8.9 miles in length, extending from Tay on the Midland Subdivision 3.25 miles east of Midland to Birch, on the Penetang Subdivision, 12.2 miles east of Penetang, in the Province of Ontario, and states:

The said line was originally constructed for the purpose of moving grain from Midland to Toronto and provide a short passenger route via Allandale between Toronto and Midland.

Until the 24th of May 1931, passenger service was operated to and from Midland in connection with the Penetang and Newmarket Subdivisions train, the power utilized in passenger service from Birch to Midland being returned in freight service from Midland to Allandale.

The passenger and freight movements were so light that it was found economical to cancel the service and handle, via Orillia, in connection with our regular freight service on the Midland and Huntsville Subdivision into Toronto, the small amount of freight there was to move.

During the Summer of 1931 trains nos. 53 and 54 in connection with nos. 56 and 57 provided a fast passenger service from Toronto to Midland over this route, but since the discontinuance of these trains in September 1931, there has been no regular service over the Wyebridge Subdivision, although a wayfreight has occasionally run from Midland to Wyebridge to lift a car of freight. During the summer a satisfactory boat service to Midland is provided via Orillia.

There is only one flag station on this portion of the line, i.e., Wyebridge, which is situated on a paved highway that provides convenient access to Penetanguishene and Midland. The distance to Midland by road is approximately six miles.

The gross earning at Wyebridge are reported to have been as follows:

Year Inward
1928 407.88 3,788.00 4,195.88
1929 1,760.67 2,358.00 4,118.67
1930 (Jan. 1st-Aug. 31st) 1,420.17 2,051.00 3,471.17

The out-of-pocket cost of operation of trains during the past three years has been as follows:

1928 10,701.92
1929 10,378.75
1930 4,485.88

The estimated cost for maintenance of this line is $9,000.00 per annum.

In view of the loss in operation of this Branch and the fact that it is no longer needed for the through service for which it was constructed, we are anxious to effect the economy possible by its dismantlement.

Dated at Montréal, P.Q., this 2nd day of October 1931.

A. Fraser
Assistant General Counsel.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Birch, Tay, Wyebridge