December 1899 American Street Railway Investments Page 101, col. 1

Galt, Ont.

Population in 1896 (local estimates) , 8,000; total population served by this road in 1896 (local estimates), 13,500.

Galt, Preston & Hespeler Street Railway Co., Limited.—This is a combined passenger and freight road.

Capital stock, authorized, $100,000, issued $49,000.

Funded debt, authorized, $100,000, issued none.

Plant and equipment.—Miles of main line, 9, of sidings, 2, total track (electric), 11; gauge, 4 ft. 8 1/2 in; 56 lb. T rail; 11 cars of which 6 are motor cars, and 5 trail cars, 1 dummy engine; 250 H.P. station plant; Wheelock engines, West. & Gen. Elec. dynamos and motors, Taylor trucks.

Officers.—Pres. H. McCulloh, V. Pres. Martin N. Todd, Sec. & Treas. W. H. Lutz, Gen. Man. J. R. Kerr.

Directors.—H. McCulloh, J. D. Moore, W. H. Lutz, Frederick Clare, J. W. Leonard, David Spiers, M. N. Todd.

General office, North Water St., Galt, Ont.

Reference.—Description of road (brief), Vol. XI, Souv., '95, pg. 48 (ill.).

Date of information, Feb., 1899.

Railways: G.P. & H.St.Ry.