September 1912, No. 175 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 454, col. 1

Canadian Northern Railway construction, betterments, etc.

Canadian Northern Québec Ry.—The locomotive house and machine shop at Limoilou, Que., are well advanced to completion, and work has been started on the erection of the car shops adjoining. A number of houses have been removed to make room for the approaches to the shops and the yard surrounding them which is to be laid out.

The company has started the laying of a permanent branch into the exhibition grounds at Québec, on a right-of-way granted by the city.

The route map for a line from St. Jérôme Jct., southerly through the counties of Two Mountains and Terrebonne to a junction with the line under construction from Hawkesbury to Montréal, near St. Eustache, has been approved by the Minister of Railways. After the old Montford and Gatineau Colonization Ry. was acquired by the C.N.Q. Ry. it was extended southerly from near Montford to St. Jérôme, and the proposed line will give a direct connection with Montréal.

Montréal Tunnel and Terminal Construction.—Sir Donald Mann, recently laid before the Montréal board of control a complete statement of the company's plans for its lines in the city. From the tunnel portal within the city there will be viaduct extending about 1,600 yards to the waterfront. The viaduct is an essential part of the company's plans, without it there would not be station facilities in the lower part of the city accessible to the business and financial districts; a local yard for light and perishable freight convenient to the produce and wholesale districts, and adjacent to facilities at present used for this purpose by another company, and a direct connection with the Harbor Commissioners, tracking along the river front. The viaduct would pass over land owned by the company, coming into view at the street crossings in the business sections upon ornamental bridges designed to give absolutely no interference with street traffic. The trains would all be operated by electricity. These plans are under consideration. In a report to the city council Aug. 10, the board of control expressed opposition to the level crossings and to certain other points in the plans of the company's line from the tunnel portal on the Outremont side to the present station in the east end of the city.

Sir Donald Mann was in Montréal Aug. 13 inspecting the work being done on the northern end of the tunnel. Some 205 feet have been driven and timbered. The rock has been reached and a drilling plan is being installed.

Montréal-Ottawa-Port Arthur line.—Sir Donald Mann is quoted as stating in Montréal, Aug. 15, that construction work is being proceeded with on the two bridges across the Back river. One of them is nearly completed, and considerable work has been done on the second. These bridges are on the new short line to Hawkesbury, Ont., which is expected to be completed this year. The line from Hawkewbury to Ottawa is already in operation.

Construction has been started on the section of the line from just outside Ottawa towards Pembroke, Ont. The work starts at Hog's Back, and the route is through Fitzroy Harbor, and Portage du Fort, but does not run into Pembroke. It crosses the C.P.R. in Pembroke township, and the G.T.R. in Stafford township and then follows the valley of the Tuchon river for a considerable distance.

The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved of revised location lamps for the line through Beaucage, Boulter, Lander, Pentland, Master, Stratton and Barron tps., Nipissing district, and through unsurveyed territory in Sudbury and Algoma districts.

Track is reported to have been laid easterly from Port Arthur to McKenize river, where a large steel bridge is to be built. A temporary trestle has been built for construction purposes, pending the erection next year of the permanent bridge.

Canadian Northern Ontario Ry.—The line from Toronto to Ottawa is being operated as far as Deseronto, where connection is made with the Bay of Quinte Ry., and the section of that line from Deseronto to Sydenham, 29.7 miles, has been incorporated into the line. There were gradients as high as 1.75% on the B. of Q.R., and to overcome these, revisions have been made at Newbury, three miles long; at Yarker, one mile long; and at Sydenham, 2.5 miles long, reducing the gradient to 0.5 and making it uniform with the whole line from Toronto to Ottawa. Between the points where revisions were made a considerable amount of train filling is being done, and when this is completed there will be no gradients exceeding 0.5%. At Yarker it was necessary to build a bridge over the Napnaee River, 400 ft. long, and 37 ft. above high water. The revision work has been completed, and when the train filling is finished, new 80 lb. steel rails will be laid, so as to make the line conform to the general standard of construction. It is expected to have this work completed this season.

The steel work for the two bridges across Sydenham Lake is being erected. Grading is practically completed to Chaffey's locks. Considerable grading has been done right on to Ottawa, and track has been laid out of Ottawa to Hog's Back, where the line to Port Arthur branches off.

Plans are reported to be in preparation for laying out a terminal site on the north side of the Rideau River.

Sir Wm. Mackenzie, President, and D. B. Hanna, Third Vice President, were in London, Ont., Aug. 14, and discussed railway matters with the Mayor, who subsequently stated that the C.N.O.Ry. would come to London but beyond that it was impossible to say anything at present. The company's engineers are making surveys.

Canadian Northern Ry.—The company has given the Barnett and McQueen Co. a contract for an extension to its Port Arthur elevators, which will increase the capacity by 2,500,000 bush.

The plans for the cut-off from near River Park to the main line east of Winnipeg came before the Board of Railway Commissioners, Aug. 7. An inspection of the route was made, owing to the objection of residents, and the Board directed its engineer, H. A. K. Drury, to make a special survey and see whether any other route could be adopted which would serve the railway equally well and do less damage to property.

The extension of the Bird's Hill branch along the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg to Fort Alexander, Man., is under construction. The grading is reported to have been completed from near the East Kildonan carline to Balsaam Bay, whence it will run in an almost straight line to Fort Alexander. Press reports state that a hydro-electric power plant is to be developed at Bonnet Falls, north of Fort Alexander, and that the branch will be operated by electricity.

Hon. F. Cochrane, Minister of Railways, is reported as stating that the Dominion Government has offered to guarantee the company's bonds to aid in the building a line from Prince Albert, Sask., to a junction with the line to Hudson Bay, near Split Lake.

Press reports state that construction is being proceeded with on a branch line from Laird, Sask., northerly for about 12 miles to Carlton.

We are officially advised that a contract has been awarded to the Northern Construction Co. for the work on the Calgary-Macleod branch, south of Calgary , Alta.

Canadian Northern Pacific Ry.—Twohy Bros., Spokane, Wash., have been given a sub-contract by the Northern Construction Co., and Cowan Construction Co., for 100 miles north from Kamloops, mileage 60 to 160.

The Premier of British Columbia returned to Vancouver, Aug. 2, after a trip over the line under construction as far east of Kamloops. He is reported as stating that 82 miles of the line easterly from Kamloops have been completed, and that the bridges are expected to be completed within a year. The whole of the line is under contract to the Yellowhead Pass, and construction is being progressed with almost throughout the whole mileage.

The branch line projected from Kamloops to Vernon, B.C., will be about 85 miles long; the extension from Vernon to Kelowna 30 miles, and the extension from Vernon to Lumby, 14 miles. It is being laid out as a steam line. Prospective contractors are inspecting the ground with a view of tendering, as soon as the location is completed, which are officially advised should be within a few weeks.

We are officially advised that no plans have yet been decided on for a comprehensive lay-out of the terminal yards at Port Mann, B.C. The Northern Construction Co. is grading and laying out such part of the yard as will be required in the immediate future. Meantime the rest of the lay-out is under consideration.

Recent press reports stated that the C.N.P.Ry. has acquired a railway running between New Westminster and Hazelmere, which would give a through line to New Westminster via Port Mann. We are advised, in this connection, that the company is negotiating with the Great Northern Ry. for acquiring the right-of-way of the old New Westminster Southern Ry. between Port Mann and Port Kells.

H. K. Wicksteed, Chief Engineer of Surveys for mackenzie, Mann & Co., arrived in Vancouver, July 30, and spent nearly three weeks inspecting the lines under construction, and in going over plans for the company's extensive development projects in the vicinity.

Press reports state that a contract has been let to Rigby and Marsden, Vancouver, for the building of eight steel bridges on the line east of Yale, B.C.

Vancouver Island.—Tenders are under consideration for building a further section of 40 miles of the line on Vancouver Island. The section extends from mileage 100, west of Cowichan Lake, to the Alberin canal, and is styled Division D. The work includes clearing, grubbing, grading, fencing, and the building of bridges, trestles, culverts and masonry. It is to be completed within a year from the signing of the contract.

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