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September 1912, No. 175 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 454, col. 1

Canadian Northern Railway construction, betterments, etc.


Montréal Tunnel and Terminal Construction.—Sir Donald Mann, recently laid before the Montréal board of control a complete statement of the company's plans for its lines in the city. From the tunnel portal within the city there will be viaduct extending about 1,600 yards to the waterfront. The viaduct is an essential part of the company's plans, without it there would not be station facilities in the lower part of the city accessible to the business and financial districts; a local yard for light and perishable freight convenient to the produce and wholesale districts, and adjacent to facilities at present used for this purpose by another company, and a direct connection with the Harbor Commissioners, tracking along the river front. The viaduct would pass over land owned by the company, coming into view at the street crossings in the business sections upon ornamental bridges designed to give absolutely no interference with street traffic. The trains would all be operated by electricity. These plans are under consideration. In a report to the city council Aug. 10, the board of control expressed opposition to the level crossings and to certain other points in the plans of the company's line from the tunnel portal on the Outremont side to the present station in the east end of the city.

Sir Donald Mann was in Montréal Aug. 13 inspecting the work being done on the northern end of the tunnel. Some 205 feet have been driven and timbered. The rock has been reached and a drilling plan is being installed.

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