September 1912, No. 175 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 454, col. 2

Canadian Northern Railway construction, betterments, etc.


Montréal-Ottawa-Port Arthur line.—Sir Donald Mann is quoted as stating in Montréal, Aug. 15, that construction work is being proceeded with on the two bridges across the Back river. One of them is nearly completed, and considerable work has been done on the second. These bridges are on the new short line to Hawkesbury, Ont., which is expected to be completed this year. The line from Hawkewbury to Ottawa is already in operation.

Construction has been started on the section of the line from just outside Ottawa towards Pembroke, Ont. The work starts at Hog's Back, and the route is through Fitzroy Harbor, and Portage du Fort, but does not run into Pembroke. It crosses the C.P.R. in Pembroke township, and the G.T.R. in Stafford township and then follows the valley of the Tuchon river for a considerable distance.

The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved of revised location lamps for the line through Beaucage, Boulter, Lander, Pentland, Master, Stratton and Barron tps., Nipissing district, and through unsurveyed territory in Sudbury and Algoma districts.

Track is reported to have been laid easterly from Port Arthur to McKenize river, where a large steel bridge is to be built. A temporary trestle has been built for construction purposes, pending the erection next year of the permanent bridge.

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