September 1912, No. 175 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 454, col. 2

Canadian Northern Railway construction, betterments, etc.


Canadian Northern Ontario Ry.—The line from Toronto to Ottawa is being operated as far as Deseronto, where connection is made with the Bay of Quinte Ry., and the section of that line from Deseronto to Sydenham, 29.7 miles, has been incorporated into the line. There were gradients as high as 1.75% on the B. of Q.R., and to overcome these, revisions have been made at Newbury, three miles long; at Yarker, one mile long; and at Sydenham, 2.5 miles long, reducing the gradient to 0.5 and making it uniform with the whole line from Toronto to Ottawa. Between the points where revisions were made a considerable amount of train filling is being done, and when this is completed there will be no gradients exceeding 0.5%. At Yarker it was necessary to build a bridge over the Napnaee River, 400 ft. long, and 37 ft. above high water. The revision work has been completed, and when the train filling is finished, new 80 lb. steel rails will be laid, so as to make the line conform to the general standard of construction. It is expected to have this work completed this season.

The steel work for the two bridges across Sydenham Lake is being erected. Grading is practically completed to Chaffey's locks. Considerable grading has been done right on to Ottawa, and track has been laid out of Ottawa to Hog's Back, where the line to Port Arthur branches off.

Plans are reported to be in preparation for laying out a terminal site on the north side of the Rideau River.

Sir Wm. Mackenzie, President, and D. B. Hanna, Third Vice President, were in London, Ont., Aug. 14, and discussed railway matters with the Mayor, who subsequently stated that the C.N.O.Ry. would come to London but beyond that it was impossible to say anything at present. The company's engineers are making surveys.

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