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August 1912, No. 174 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 414, col. 3

Grand Trunk Railway betterments, construction, etc.

E. J. Chamberlin, President, H. G. Kelley, Vice President, and W. G. Brownless, General Transportation Manager, completed an inspection of the G.T.R. lines, July 15. In passing through Toronto, July 13, the President said a general policy of improvement of the company's terminal facilities between Toronto and Chicago, would be started at once. It was impossible to state what would be done, but the improvements would be made as fast as possible. He had nothing to say as to the Toronto union station plans, as the company had not received any definite notification of the C.P.R.'s intentions. The present plans might be utilized or not, if the C.P.R. did not co-operate, but it was improbable that anything would be done until the definite order had been received from the Board of Railway Commissioners.

Railways: C.P.Ry., G.T.Ry.