October 1912, No. 176 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 505, col. 2

Motor car being tested on Schomberg and Aurora Railway.

A Galt, Ont., dispatch to Toronto papers, Sept. 19, stated that a gasoline motor car, built in the United States and imported by the Preston Car and Coach Co., has been operated between Galt, Preston and Berlin on the Galt, Preston and Hespeler Electric Ry., and added that the car had been sold to the Canadian Northern Ry. We are officially advised that the C.N.R. has not bought the car, but that arrangements were made with the Toronto and York Radial Ry. to try it on that company's line between Schomberg and Aurora, which is operated by steam.

The entrance and exits of this care are of the side centre entrance type. The car is double-ended and operated from a cab located in the corner of each end. The propulsion and regulation of the car is extremely unique and simple. The first car of this type manufactured has an engine of the four cylinder, four cycle type, cylinder dimensions 5 1/2×6 1/2, develops, approximately, 36 h.p., under 600 r.p.m., and is direct connected to a 20 k.w. compound would differential pole generator. This combined unit is mounted on a rigid frame work of rectangular form, which is brought up from underneath the truck and mounted on a saddle or spring suspension in such a manner that the movement of the truck impacts but little strain or jar to the power plant. This method of suspension appears to be practicable, and, from an operating point of view, is satisfactory as to change or repair of equipment. The motors of this car are of the compound wind type, having a heaving series winding and are of approximately 25 h.p. each and are geared to the axle in the usual manner. These motors are so connected to the generator that it makes a very flexible unit and entirely eliminates the resistance, controller and cable methods. The connection between the generator and motors is such that as soon as the gas engine is accelerated the shunt field of the motors are pre-energized before the armature circuits of the motors are closed. This gives a cushioning effect upon the motors without resistance, which is unattainable under the ordinary methods, and also gives a combination of units which, to a great degree, protects itself from the misuse of the operator. The later cars built, including the one being tried on the Schomberg and Aurora Ry., have 6 cylinders, 54 h.p. engine, 30 k.w. generator and two 25 h.p. motors, the selling price in the U.S. being about $11,500.

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