October 1912, No. 176 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 520, col. 3

Electric railway projects, construction, betterments, etc.


Lake Erie and Northern Ry.—We are officially advised that no tenders have yet been accepted for the building of the line; however, it is expected to start work on the construction of the Brantford-Galt section this season. It is intended to build and operate the line temporarily as a steam road, pending a decision as to the system of electric operation to be adopted.

The line will extend from Port Dover via Brantford to Galt. The location plans show a maximum gradient of 1% and a maximum curvature of six degrees. The cut and fill work will average about 20,000 cubic yards a mile. There will be two large bridges on the line, one 450 ft. long, and the other 438 ft. W. P. Kellett, Brantford, Ont., is Chief Engineer. (Sept., pg. 468.)

Railways: L.E. & N.Ry.