November 1912, No. 177 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 559, col. 1

Grand Trunk Railway betterments, construction, etc.

Portland, Me.—As the result of a recent inspection by Montréal officials, press reports state, it has been decided to demolish the present wharf and immigration buildings at Portland next year, and to replace them by larger structures.

Central Vermont Ry. improvements.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has granted an extension of time within which the company shall ballast its line between St. Lambert and Waterloo; Marneville and St. Cesaire; Farnham and Freligsburg; Iberville and Farnham, Que.

Québec freight sheds.—A conference has been held between representatives of the Québec harbor and Vice President Kelley, G.T.R., with a view to the demolishing of the present freight sheds at Point Lévis, and the building of a structure there sufficiently large to accommodate the traffic of G.T.R., the Intercolonial Ry. and the Québec Central Ry.

Montréal.—An arrangement has been completed between the company and the Montréal city council to divert the line of St. Etienne street so as to improve the approaches to the Victoria Jubilee bridge, and to extend the freight yard there.

The council has granted a permit for the erection of a six-story solid brick building for freight offices, on the corner of Wellington and St. Etienne streets, at an estimated cost of $90,000. As announced in our last issue the contract for the building has been let to the John S. Metcalf Co., Montréal.

Prescott, Ont.—R. S. Logan, Vice President, informed the Prescott, Out., town council at a recent meeting, that owing to the lateness of the season it would not be possible to do very much with the laying out of the proposed terminals there this year, but that a start would be made early next spring.

Orillia to Midland, Ont.—The track between Orillia and Midland, Ont., 33 1/2 miles, is being relaid with 90 lbs. steel, replacing the old 60 lbs.

Canada Atlantic Ry.—Superintendent Coleman is quoted as stating, Oct. 14, that the company had under consideration plans for the extension of its harbor facilities at Depot Harbor, Ont. The grain carrying trade at the port has doubled during the year.

Ottawa Terminals Ry.—Application is being made to the Dominion Parliament to authorize the company to increase its bond issue from $3,000,000 to $6,000,000.

Hamilton freight yards.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the company to lay six tracks across Robert street to connect with its new freight yard at the corner of Elgin and Barton streets, Hamilton, Ont.

Grand River bridge, Brantford.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the rebuilding of bridge 75, mileage 8.21, over the Grand river at Brantford, Ont. Work was reported to have been started Oct. 14, and it is expected that the bridge will be completed by the spring. The plans provide for erection of an additional span of 76 1/2 ft. at the western end, and the lengthening of the eastern span by 15 ft. The new piers and abutments will be of concrete. The cost is estimated at $40,000.

Electrification of branch lines.—A petition asking for the electrification of the Galt and Elmira branch lines was presented to U. E. Gillen, Superintendent, Middle Division, at Waterloo, Ont., Sept. 25. He is reported to have expressed his general approval of the project, and to have stated that it would be given every consideration by the management at an early date. (Oct., pg. 503.)

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