August 1912, No. 174 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 414, col. 3

Grand Trunk Railway betterments, construction, etc.

E. J. Chamberlin, President, H. G. Kelley, Vice President, and W. G. Brownless, General Transportation Manager, completed an inspection of the G.T.R. lines, July 15. In passing through Toronto, July 13, the President said a general policy of improvement of the company's terminal facilities between Toronto and Chicago, would be started at once. It was impossible to state what would be done, but the improvements would be made as fast as possible. He had nothing to say as to the Toronto union station plans, as the company had not received any definite notification of the C.P.R.'s intentions. The present plans might be utilized or not, if the C.P.R. did not co-operate, but it was improbable that anything would be done until the definite order had been received from the Board of Railway Commissioners.

Richmond, Que.—Plans have been filed with the town council of Richmond, Que. for a new station building, the estimated cost of which is $20,000.

St. Lambert and Turcot Yards.—Vice President Dairymple advised the Transportation Bureau of the Montréal Board of Trade, July 4, that plans have been prepared for laying out additional trackage, and carrying out other improvements at the yards at St. Lambert and Turcot. The intention is to handle all through freight at these yards, so as to permit the Montréal yards to handle local freight only.

Brockville roundhouse.—We are officially advised that there is no foundation for the press report that the roundhouse and shops at present located at Brockville, Ont., are to be removed to Prescott, Ont.

Cobourg, Ont.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved plans for new tracks for the G.T.R. in Cobourg, Ont., on lands of W. J. Crossen, and of the Field estate.

Brantford, Ont.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the company to extend its passing track and re-align its main line over the county line road in Brant tp., Ont.

Galt-Berlin-Elmira branch.—Residents of the district served by this branch line have petitioned the company to operate it by electricity in order that a better service be given. (July, pg. 343.)

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