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November 1912, No. 177 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 564, col. 3

Canadian Northern Railway construction, betterments, etc.


Canadian Northern Ry.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved of revised location of the proposed connection of the International Bridge and Terminal Co.'s line the C.N.R. at Fort Frances.

It is reported that work is to be started at once on what is known as the Fort Rouge cut off, south of Winnipeg. A temporary trestle bridge will be erected across the Red River, and the reports state that the cut off will be completed by the end of November.

The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved of location plans for a line through tps. 4-7, range 1 east of the first meridian to range 2 west of the first meridian, mileage 0 to 18.08

Tenders are under consideration for the building of a 256 ft. extension to the freight shed at Brando, Man. R. B. Pratt, Winnipeg is architect.

The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved of location plans for the line through tps. 43 and 44, range 4, west of the 3rd meridian, Sask., mileage 28.17 to 37.96.

The Alberta Government has approved of the route map of a line from Hanna to Medicine Hat, Alta. It is stated that construction will be started at Medicine Hat at an early date. The line, it is stated, will connect with the main line near Bruderheim.

Track is reported to have been laid on the branch line from Edmonton to Camrose, on the Vegreville-Calgary line, for 16 miles. It is expected that the line into Calgary will be completed this year. Steel has been laid, it is reported, to within 12 miles of Calgary, and on Oct. 16 it was stated that the city council had agreed to give the company all the facilities necessary. The bridge over the river to carry the line right into the centre of the city it to be completed by Oct., 1913. Grading is reported to have been completed on the line from Saskatoon to Berry creek, 240 miles, and track has been laid for 220 miles. This line is to connect with the Vegreville-Calgary at Drumheller. It is expected to complete 50 miles of the line south of Calgary this year.

The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved of revised location plan for the line through tp., range 1, west of the 6th meridian, mileage 224.66 to 228.36. This is described as being a line of the C.N. Alberta Ry.

An agreement is reported to have been reached between the city and the company, under which the terminal station, etc., in Edmonton, Alta., is to be erected during 1913.

Railways: C.N.A.Ry., C.No.Ry.

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