March 1914, No. 193 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 121, col. 3

Railway development.

Projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments.


Lake Erie and Northern Ry.—W. P. Kellett, General Manager, in a letter to the press, Jan. 31, explained what was being done in connection with the work in Brantford, Ont., in regard to which the city Council had expressed dissatisfaction. The work was being proceeded with as rapidly as possible. The general contractors had resumed tracklaying and it was expected to have the steel laid from Galt to Jubilee Terrace, Brantford, by Feb. 29. When what was completed the plant necessary for the deepening of the channel of the Grand River in the city would be brought in. Mr. Kellet attended a meeting of the Parks Board, Feb. 5, in connection with the matter, at which it was stated that so far as freight traffic is concerned steam will be used as a motive power, but for passenger traffic, gasoline electric or electric storage battery cars will probably be used. Mr. Kellett stated that freight will be taken to the first yards at the foot of Jarvis and Sterling streets for storing purposes, and the trains will be made up in a second yard which will be located at Morrell St. (Feb., pg. 69.)

Railways: L.E. & N.Ry.