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March 1914, No. 193 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 129, col. 2

Grand Trunk Railway betterments, construction, etc.

Lachine, Jacques Cartier and Maisonneuve Ry.—An extension of time for building of this railway in Montréal is being asked for from the Dominion Parliament. The surveys have been completed and the main portion of the route approved of, but certain negotiations are still in progress. There has been a lengthened fight in connection with the acquisition of some of the properties required for the right-of-way. The Québec Supreme Court gave judgment in one of these cases, Feb. 5, holding that when the company complied with certain formalities under the expropriation act it acquired right and title to the property sought to be secured. The action was therefore dismissed.

Railways: G.T.Ry., L.J.C & M.Ry.