January 1916, No. 215 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 30, col. 3

Electric railway track laid in 1915.

Below is a preliminary table showing track laid on electric railways in Canada during 1915. It is not published as a complete one, owing to the fact that some of the companies have not replied to the circular sent, but it is believed to be approximately correct. The * mark indicates that the figures given are estimated:

Brantford Municipal Ry.:
Extensions in city 1.25
*Lake Erie and Northern Ry.:
Brantford to Waterford, and from Waterford to Port Dover 20.40
London and Port Stanley Ry.:
London and Port Stanley 23.60
Montréal and Southern Counties Ry.:
St. Cesaire to Granby, Que. 15.67
Montréal Tramways Co.:
Four extensions 1.18
Peterborough Radial Ry.:
Park St. to Monaghan Road 0.38
Three Rivers Traction Co.:
Lines in Three Rivers, Que. 4.00
Toronto Civic Ry.:
On Bloor St. 0.75
Toronto Suburban Ry.:
From Lambton, mileage 1.82 to Mimico Creek, mileage 3.61 1.79
From the Speed River, mileage 45.11, to Guelph, mileage 48.29 3.18 4.97
Winnipeg Electric Ry.
Extensions in city 2.10
Total 74.30

The London & Port Stanley Ry., which was formerly a steam road, is included above, as it was reconstructed and electrified during the year.

The Lake Erie & Northern Ry. was originally supposed to be a steam road. The first section from Galt to Brantford, and a section from Waterford to Simcoe, together 30 miles, were laid with steel in 1913, and were included in our report on steam railway track laid in that year; the additional mileage between Brantford and Waterford, and Simcoe and Port Dover, is included in the above electric table, as the road is to be operated by electricity.

The Three Rivers Traction Co. is another new enterprise.

Railways: B.M.Ry., L. & Pt.S.Ry., L.E. & N.Ry., M. & S.C.Ry., P.Rad.Ry., T.C.Ry., T.S.Ry.