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January 1918, No. 239 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 12, col. 1

Railway development, projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments, etc.


Canadian Northern Ry.—The James Bay & Eastern Ry. is a C.N.R. subsidiary and was originally projected to have its easterly terminus at Roberval, Que., one of the Québec & Lake St. John Ry. Terminii on Lake St. John. A contract was let to J. P. Mullarkey three or four years ago to grade 30 miles from Roberval westerley, which grading has been completed for some time. Track was laid to St. Felicien during 1917, and the line was passed for operation by the Board of Railway Commissioners at the end of November. A train service was placed in operation Dec. 3. The length of line authorized for traffic is 16.31 miles, to St. Felicien, on the Chamouchoun River. An order has also been made by the Board of Railway Commissioners for the installation of a wye at St. Felicien. The final objective of the railway is to reach James Bay, part of Hudson Bay, at the mouth of the Nottaway River.

Damage was done to the C.N.R. station at Port Arthur, Ont., Dec. 12, by fire to the extent of $15,000, and records of considerable value were destroyed in the basement.

Track has been laid on the Elrose-Eston branch for a further distance of 16.28 miles to Glidden, Sask.

In Alberta, the company has completed tracklaying on the Oliver-St. Paul de Metris branch for 44.51 miles.

On the Canadian Northern Pacific Ry. the only new work done during 1917 was on Vancouver Island, where track has been laid for eight-tenths of a mile, from Victoria Harbor to Alpha St. station, Victoria, and 7.35 miles of track have been laid on the Victoria-Alberni line, from the junction to Glen Lake. (Dec., 1917, pg. 470.)

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