January 1920, No. 263 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 34, col. 1

Electric railway projects, construction, betterments, etc.


Grand River Ry.—We are officially advised in regard to the company's application to the Board of Railway Commissioners for approval of diversion of the line in Waterloo Tp. and the City of Kitchener, Ont., that the change in location has been brought about by the city advising the company, about a year ago, that on the expiration of the franchise on Oct. 8, 191, the city intended exercising its rights by taking over the portion of the line on King St., between the city limits and Albert St., 4,700 ft., with a view to building a second track, and paving the street, for the purpose of extending the service on the Kitchener and Waterloo St. Ry. to the city limits. As the line in question serves the company's Kitchener freight terminal, and Waterloo, branching off between the city limits and Albert St., it became necessary for the company to seek a new location to carry on freight and express service properly, and it has been decided to do so on a private right-of-way. After preparing the plans and submitting them to the city for approval as to street crossings, the Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario appears and opposed the application unless the G.T.R. agreed to grant the commission's proposed electric railway priority rights in the way of diamond crossing, signal plant and operation should the commission decide to cross this same land at some future date. This the G.T.R. refused to agree to, consequently its application for approval of plans was heard by the Board of Railway Commissioners at Hamilton, Oct., 29. The board's decision on the matter has not been announced. (Dec., 1919, pg. 670.)

Railways: G.R.Ry., G.T.Ry., K. & W.Ry.