May 1920, No. 267 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 259, col. 3

Grand River and Lake Erie and Northern Railway betterments, etc.

We are officially advised that the total amount appropriated for betterments, etc., this year on the Grand River Ry. and the Lake Erie & Northern Ry., both of which are C.P.R. subsidaries, is $1,453,700, of which $1,035,200 is for the Grand River Ry. and $418,500 for the Lake Erie & Northern Ry. The amounts include renewals of appropriations granted in 1919, as well as for the purchase of generating and equipment, construction of substation to provide uniform 1,500 volt operation, by rebuilding and reinsulating existing overhead system, additional shop equipment, tie and rail renewals, etc.

Some of the work, including buildings, sidings, etc., will be done by the companies' own forces. Contract have been given to A. E. Rigley, St. Catharines, Ont., for the following:—Kitchener-Waterloo line revision, second track work between Preston and Hageys; revision of line in Galt; terminals in Galt; and other smaller works. These contracts have been let on the cost plus basis. Details in regard to some of them have already been given in Canadian Railway and Marine World. With regard to the Kitchener-Waterloo revision, we are advised that owing to the expiration of franchise rights in the City of Kitchener, it is necessary to provide service on a private right of way, on a greatly improved location. The new second track between Preston and Hageys, 0.50 mile, will be laid with 85-lb. rails.

The station and office buildings at Galt will probably be of brick and concrete construction, 40×120 ft.; the station on the ground floor and general offices above. The substation at Preston will be 56×48 ft. A 60 ft. extension to car barn and repair shop at Preston will be done by the company's own forces.

The equipment to be bought will consist of two 1,000 k.w. motor generator sets; six transformers; short-circuiting switches, lightening arresters, etc. The rolling stock to be bought will be as follows:—Grand River Ry., one 60-ton electric locomotive, four 60-ft. steel passenger cars, two trailer passenger cars, one baggage and express car. Lake Erie & Northern Ry., three 60-ft. steel passenger cars, two trailer passenger cars, one baggage and express car.

Railways: G.R.Ry., L.E. & N.Ry.