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July 1920, No. 269 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 388, col. 3

Grand Trunk Railway construction, betterments, etc.

Arthabaska, Que.—Senator Lavergne called the attention of the Senate recently to the necessity of building a G.T.R. branch line from Victoriaville to Arthabaska, Que., 3 miles, and asked whether it was the government's intention, now that the G.T.R. is being taken over by the Dominion, to build such a line. He stated that Victoriaville is on the G.T.R. main line, and that Arthabaska is the chief town of a district with a population of 100,000. Arthabaska is the seat of all government and other public buildings, and is also an industrial center, and its only present outlet is at Victoriaville. Sir James Lougheed in reply stated that the G.T.R. had not come absolutely under government control; it was being administered by representatives of the company and the government. He had no doubt that in due course every consideration would be given to the suggestion.

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