January 1921, No. 275 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 35, col. 3

Grand Trunk River Ry. and Lake Erie & Northern Ry. equipment orders.

The Grand River Ry. and the Lake Erie & Northern Ry., operated under one management at Galt, Ont., have ordered 9 passenger car bodies, 6 for G.R.R. and 3 for L.E. & N.R.; 1 baggage and express car body for G.R.R., and 3 steel underframes and cabs for 60-ton electric locomotives, 2 for G.R.R. and 1 for L.E. & N.R., from Preston Car & Coach Co.; 15 quadruple equipments of motors, including control and air brake apparatus for passenger cars; 3 quadruple equipments of motors, including control and air brake apparatus for 3 60-ton electric locomotives, and also 2 complete units of 1,000 k.v.a. 1,500 volt motor generator sets for Preston substation, from Canadian Westinghouse Co.

The car bodies will be of composite construction, straight sides, monitor roof extending from vestibule to vestibule, straight platforms equipped with steam coach buffing gear, vestibule at each end of car, built of steel throughout up to the eaves, doors at each side and end of vestibule, trap doors over steps, underframes of structural steel, center and side sills continuous, side framing steel angles and T's sheeted outside with no. 11 gauge steel plate, side sash to raise, deck sash rectangular, roof covered with wood and canvas reinforced with steel carlines. The bodies will be divided into two compartments, the main compartment to extend the length of 12 windows, and to have 19 walkover and 4 stationary seats, and lavatory in the right hand end corner; the smoking compartment to extend the length of 6 windows, with 7 walkover and 4 stationary seats, with locker at right hand end corner. The general dimensions of the cars will be:

The Grand River Ry. is being operated under a 600 volt current, which is being changed to 1,500 volts, as used on the Lake Erie & Northern Ry. This change ecessitates the rebuilding of all overhead lines, and the re-equipment of existing rolling stock, as well as new substation equipment, as outlined above.

Railways: G.R.Ry., L.E. & N.Ry.