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January 1922, No. 287 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 29, col. 1

Canadian National Railways construction, betterments, etc.


East Burrill viaduct.—We are officially advised that the steel viaduct on the East Burrill deviation, between Glenalda and St. Boniface, mile 87.6 to 91.6, St. Lawrence Subdivision, Que., has been completed and traffic is being operated over it. The viaduct is at mile 89.7 west of Québec, near St. Boniface, and crosses the Lavergne gulley, through which the East Burrill Creek flow. It is a single track viaduct, with steel towers, on concrete pedestals and abutments. The track is on a 2 degree curve throughout the length of the bridge, the super elevation of 1 1/2 in. being taken up by tilting the spans. The dimensions of the structure, which is illustrated on this page, are:—Length 645 ft.; greatest height, 80 ft.; centers of grades, 9 ft.; spans, 2 end spans of 60 ft. each; 4 intermediate spans of 60 ft. each, 1 intermediate span of 85 ft., and 4 tower spans of 40 ft. each; these spans are supported on 5 braced steel towers and 1 rocker bent tower. The substructure consists of 22 concrete pedestals averaging 10 ft. high; batwing abutment at east end 26 ft. high, and temporary timber abutment at west end resting on rock fill, to be replaced by permanent concrete abutment when the fill settles. The contract for the substructure was let to the late Angus Sinclair, Toronto, who sublet to Campbell & Lattimore, Toronto, and the steel superstructure was manufactured and erected by the McGregor, McIntyre Co., Toronto.

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