September 1924, No. 319 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 447, col. 3

Canadian National Railways construction, betterments, etc.


Dundas and Harrisburg Subdivisions connection.—We are officially advised that the connecting line, under construction, between the Dundas and HarrisburgHarrisburg Subdivision, Paris Jct. to Lynden Jct. 3.00 miles Subdivisions is a little over half a mile west of the junction of the two branches at Lynden Jct., Ont. The connection, or wye, will be 1,700 ft. long, and will be used for trains running between Brantford and Harrisburg, taking the place of the present Alford Subdivision between Alford and Harrisburg, which will be abandoned. This branch is 3 miles, has on stations on it, and has a large bridge crossing Fairchilds Creek, which is not sufficiently strong to carry modern locomotives, thus necessitating the use of very small power, and consequent increase in operating cost. Construction of the new connection, therefore, will do away with the necessity for reconstructing this large bridge to carry modern power, and will also save the maintenance of 3 miles of track and the bridge mentioned. Four schedule trains each way will be affected, but their running time will not be increased seriously, as the increase in mileage will amount to only about 3 miles, and the new route will be largely over double track. The construction of this connection will also involve extensive changes in the interlocking plant protecting Lynden Jct., the wye switches, about 3,800 ft. west of the junction, on the Dundas and Harrisburg Subdivisions, being brought into the interlocked zone, thus providing protection for the movements of all trains in all direction within the limits of the interlocking plant. The switches of the new connection are to be operated by a low voltage switch machine, when, with the signals protected, these switches will be controlled by an interlocked disc circuit controller, placed in the present tower at Lynden Jct. This will do away with the present interlocking plant at Alford at the southerly end of the Alford Subdivision, thus making a further saving in operating expenses.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Alford, Harrisburg, Lynden