December 1924 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 621, col. 2

Schomberg and Aurora Railway's future.

The Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario, which operates the Toronto and York Radial Ry. lines, which were acquired by the City of Toronto in 1921, as part of the "clean up" deal of the Mackenzie interests, had under consideration, on Nov. 14, a recommendation by its engineers that the Metropolitan Division's Schomberg branch be abandoned; the track and overhead work, etc. be salvaged and the right of way sold. The Commission is stated to have received the report favorably and passed it on to the city council for discussion and decision. The city council considered it on Nov. 17, and it was decided to ask the Commission for a further report with reasons for the conclusions arrived at.

The report that the railway might be abandoned caused considerable alarm in the area served, and arrangements are reported to have been made for meetings to protest against the proposed action. York County Council will be asked to join with King Township Council in the protest. It is pointed out that the agreement between the City of Toronto and the Commission as to the operation of the lines, provides in sec. 11 that if at any time any one or more of the municipalities through which the line passes applies to the Commission for admission as a party to the agreement for the acquisition and operation of the railway or for the extension of the same through the territory of such municipality, the Commission shall arrange for a vote to be taken to authorize such municipalities to enter into an agreement, setting out terms, etc. In is therefore open to King Township to take steps under this section to have an agreement drawn up under which the branch may be operated under municipal ownership. Before the line could be closed down and scrapped, application would have to be made to the Board of Railway Commissioners for a recommendation to the Governor General in council, and the municipality would be given an opportunity to appear in opposition.

The Schomberg and Aurora Ry. Co. was incorporated by the Dominion Parliament in 1896 to build aline from or near Aurora, on the Grand Trunk Ry. Toronto-North Bay branch, to near Schomberg, and it 1906 power was given the company to extend the line southeasterly to Oshawa, and northwesterly through Shelburne to Durham. The charter construction of the line passed under the control of the Mackenzie interests and construction was started in the late summer of 1901, from near Bond Lake, on the Metropolitan Ry., the point of connection being named Schomberg Junction. The line was completed to Schomberg, 14.42 miles, in 1904, when it was sold to the Toronto & York Radial Ry. Co. The Dominion Parliament voted a subsidy in aid of construction, the amount actually paid being $46,144. The line was operated as a steam railway, until early in 1916, when it was electrified, and operated as a branch of the Metropolitan Ry., certain cars being operated through to the Toronto terminus.

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