January 1924, No. 311 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 29, col. 1

Canadian National Railways construction, betterments, etc.


Nipissing Jct. tracks.—The G.T.R. entered North Bay, by a connection with the C.P.R. at Nipissing Jct., using the C.P.R. terminal facilities for its passenger traffic. This line now forms a part of the Huntsville Subdivision, the Allandale Division C.N.R. The Canadian Northern Ontario Ry. built its line from Ottawa into North Bay, to its own station, the track in the vicinity of Nipissing Jct. forming part of the Alderdale Subdivision Canada National Rys. The co-ordination of the two company's lines into the Canadian National Rys. made a change in conditions which naturally diverted the traffic coming over the Huntsville Subdivision to the Canadian Northern station. The new routing required trains from the Allandale Division to operate through the Temiskaming and Norther Ontario Ry. yards, and the question of providing an independent passenger track to avoid using a switching track, directed attention to the possibility of connecting the Huntsville Subdivision tracks directly with the Canadian Northern Ontario tracks at Nipissing, the sets of tracks being only about half a mile apart. The new connection runs from mile 222.73 from Toronto, on the Huntsville Subdivision, to mile 56.42 on the Alderdale Subdivision. The actual construction work began at mile 221.78 Huntsville Subdivision, but only involved a slight change in centering to mile 222.17, at which point the center of the culvert over Carrick's Creek formed the departure from original right of way. From this point an embankment averaging 13 ft. high was required to connect with the higher level of the Alderdale Subdivision, on an average gradient of 0.75%. The original main line of the Huntsville Subdivision, from mile 222.17 and the C.P.R. diamond at mile 223.13, which was the connecting point with the T. & N.O.Ry., has been taken up.

Railways: C.N.O.Ry., C.N.Rys., G.T.Ry., T. & N.O.Ry.

Stations: Nipissing