January 1930, No. 383 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 40, col. 2

Toronto-Lake Simcoe electric railway operation.

The electrical radial railway line between Toronto and Sutton, on Lake Simcoe, 48.66, is owned by the City of Toronto and operated by the Toronto Transportation Commission, as agent, its operation being altogether separate from that of the T.T.C. city system. Canadian Railway and Marine World has given in preceding issues particulars of the deficits incurred by the line; the T.T.C. recommendation to the Toronto city board of control that its operation be discontinued on Sept. 30, 1929; the city council's decision to continue its operation until Nov. 30, 1929; the report to York County transportation committee, composed of representatives of places served by the line, by W. B. Redfern, of James, Proctor and Redfern, Toronto, recommending continuance of operation; and the York County Council's resolution calling upon the City of Toronto to continue operation, secure new cars, effect a general improvement in service, and remove the motor coach competition offered by Gray Coach Lines, Ltd., a T.T.C. motor coach operating subsidiary. D. W. Harvey, General Manager, T.T.C., claims that the coaches are operated to cut down radial railway expenses, having replaced a part of the passenger car service; the coach revenue is credited to the railway, and the coach expenses debited against it.

York County Council passed a resolution in the latter part of Nov. 1929, asking the Ontario Minister of Public Works and highways to cancel the license permitting operation of motor coaches between points served by the radial railway. No action has been taken on this request to the time of writing, Dec. 18, 1929.

Although Nov. 30, 1929, was the date set by Toronto City Council for the termination of operation of the railway, it was continued. At the York City Council meeting at which the resolution was passed, the county's Solicitor, T. H. Lennox, K.C., gave his opinion that the City of Toronto is legally bound to give a radial railway service, but he recommended continuance of negotiations with the city authorities in preference to litigation to force the city to continue the service. It was decided to have some county representatives, including members of the council and others, seek an interview with the city authorities to discuss the matter further. The county representatives met the city board of control on Dec. 10. Following discussion, the board adopted a resolution instructing the Toronto Transportation Commission's General Manager, Mr. Harvey, to continue operation of the radial railway until Feb. 1, 1930, the county representatives to be prepared to make further representations in the matter before Jan. 28. During the discussion, Mr. Harvey, in answer to a question by the Mayor, stated that the operation of motor coaches had been largely responsible for reducing the radial railway's operating expenses by $80,000 during the first 10 months of 1929.

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