February 1930, No. 384 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 104

Toronto-Lake Simcoe electric railway operation.

No further action has been taken with regard to the electric railway between Toronto and Sutton, on Lake Simcoe, which is owned by the City of Toronto and operated by the Toronto Transportation Commission as agent, since the matter was dealt within our January issue, pg. 40. As stated in that issue, the city council, on Dec. 16, 1929, adopted the city board of control's recommendation that the line be operated until Feb. 1 this year, and stipulated that that would be the last postponement of the date for abandoning operation of the line, in the absence of any concrete proposal from York Count which would relieve the city of a portion of the loss incurred by the operation. The T.T.C. originally recommended that operation be abandoned on Sept. 30, 1929; on request of York County authorities, operation was authorized by the city council until Nov. 30, 1929, and again to Feb. 1 this year. The line has lost money continuously.

On Jan. 16, Reeve Lundy, of Newmarket, a town north of Toronto served by the line, who is chairman of the York County committee which is trying to secure continuance of operation, stated that he believed that operation would not be abandoned until the conclusion of the judicial investigation being made into Toronto Transportation Commission affairs by Senior Judge Denton of York County; what basis he had for the statement, or what connection there is between operation of this line and the investigation into T.T.C. affairs, is unknown. The result of the investigation will probably have nothing to do with the decision to be arrived at in regard to the Lake Simcoe line's disposal.

AS stated in previous articles, the T.T.C. has been operating a motor coach service between Toronto and Newmarket, paralleling the electric railway, the coach revenues being credited to the railway and the coach expenses charged against it, our advise being that the operation of the coaches has cut down the railway deficit considerably. The York County committee, however, applied to the Ontario Minister of Public Works and Highways, Mr. Henry, to withdraw the permit for operation of the coaches—"in competition with the railway," as committee stated. Up to the time of writing, the permit has been withdrawn, and the coaches continue to operate.

On Jan. 20, it was arranged to hold a meeting on Jan. 25, between members of the York County Council, of the transportation committee representing places in the county served by the line, and of the Toronto city board of control, to discuss the line's future but the meeting was postponed to Feb. 1. Our information at the time of writing, Jan. 27, is that it is very unlikely that operation on the line will be discontinued on Feb. 1, and that probably there will be no decisive action taken in the matter until the Toronto city council meets on Feb. 9.

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