October 1930, No. 392 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 640, col. 2

Toronto waterfront grade separation.

The subway carrying York St., Toronto, under the steam railway tracks along the waterfront, was completed Sept. 15. As the Yonge St. subway was completed and placed in operation on Aug. 20, and the Bay St. subway some time previously, the three principal streets of the city's downtown section now have direct connection with the waterfront. Toronto Transportation Commission electric railway tracks are carried under the steam railway tracks in the Bay St. subway only, and not in the Yonge and York St. ones.—At the time of writing, Sept. 26, erection of steel by the Canadian Bridge Co. for the north section of the south half of the union station train concourse has been completed, and a start has been made in the erection of steel for the south section.—Sept. 27 was an important date in the progress of the grade separation work, completion of the train filling for all elevated track throughout the terminal area having been affected.—General Railway Signal Co. started work about Sept. 20 on its contract for the installation of signals and interlocking in the terminals, beginning with the Cherry St. interlocking. Toronto Terminals Ry. Co. has invited tenders to Oct. 2 for the construction of signal towers at Cherry, Scott and John Sts. A preliminary description of the signal and interlocking installation was given in Canadian Railway and Marine World for June, pg. 360. The total expenditure in connection with it will be over $1,000,000.

Railways: T.T.Ry.

Stations: Cherry Street, John Street, Scott Street, Toronto