July 1921, No. 281 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 363, col. 3

Co-ordination of Canadian National and Grand Trunk Railway service.

The G.T.R. is operating its trains 9, 10, 29 and 30 over the C.N.R., from Colbright Jct., 19.19 miles east of Cobourg, to Napanee, 45.3 miles.

The C.N.R. operates its trains 5 and 6 between Toronto and Napanee over the G.T.R. 135.1 miles. C.N.R. train 7, from Ottawa for Toronto, and train 8, from Toronto for Ottawa, run over the C.N.R. between Ottawa to Colbright Jct., and over the G.T.R. double track between Colbright Jct. and Toronto. C.N.R. trains 69 and 70, Tweed to Kingston, run over the G.T.R. from Napanee to Kingston, 25 miles. C.N.R. fast freight trains 207 and 208 run over the G.T.R. from Belleville to Napanee, 21.74 miles, thence over C.N.R. to Ottawa. The C.N.R. Continental Limited, Montréal to Vancouver, trains 1 and 2 run over the G.T.R. between Montréal and Ottawa, 116 miles.

Between Montréal and Toronto all passenger stations and freight houses are used in common. Passenger tickets are good on either railway and all freight is moved by the shortest mileage in the co-ordinated interests.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Belleville, Cobourg, Colbright, Kingston, Napanee, Ottawa, Toronto, Tweed