January 1912 Canadian Engineer Page 147, col. 1

Railroad construction this year.

While about 2,000 miles of new railroad were built in Canada last year, the outlook for the present year is that as much if not more mileage will be added to the total. At the end of 1910, we had 24,730 miles. Last year the figures increased to approximately 26,500.

Sir Thomas Shaughnessy states that his road will probably build between 500 and 600 miles of new track this year and for an indefinite period. The main line from Medicine Hat westward for 534 miles is to be double tracked.

Steel as a town builder.
Canadian Northern Railway entering Stettler, Alberta, another link in Canada's transportation chain of 25,000 miles.

The contemplated construction on the Grand Trunk Pacific during 1912 is as follows:—

Main line 200
Brandon branches 16
Canora North 30
Regina boundary 155
Regina-Moose Jaw 45
Prince Albert 44
Battleford 48
Cut Knife 50
Biggar-Calgary 200
Alberta Coal 50
Mountain Park Coal 32
Melville to Watrous 75
Weyburn 60
Calgary to Coutts 50

The contract for five million dollars' worth of construction work in British Columbia for the Canadian Northern Railway was awarded to one firm who state that there is probably more railroad building going on in British Columbia than in any other part of the Dominion or the United States. They will begin active construction work on the new contract next spring. The plans call for 100 miles of road beginning about 50 miles above Kamloops, up north along the Thompson River Valley. When that is finished the Transcontinental chain of the Canadian Northern Railway will be practically completed.

Construction will commence on the Canadian Northern line from Toronto to Hamilton next spring.

The Canadian Pacific Railway is asking for parliament authority to construct new lines in Saskatchewan and Alberta. The Canadian Northern are seeking powers to build lines in the Peace River District, Alberta.

A large number of new railroad schemes are in the charter stage.

Railways: C.No.Ry., C.P.Ry., G.T.P.Ry.