May 1, 1928, Vol. 8, No. 3 Judgments, orders, regulations and rulings (Ottawa) Page 35

Application of the Canadian National Railways, for permission to reduce the Norwich Station on its Burford Subdivision, from an agency station to a non-agency station, and to appoint a caretaker and maintain their siding for loading and unloading carload freight.


Heard at Brantford, Ont., December 12, 1927.


McLean, Assistant Chief Commissioner:

Application is made to reduce Norwich station to a non-agency station and appoint a caretaker. So far as the distances between stations are concerned, there would, taking into account average reasonable convenience, appear to be no material hardship. The two stations concerned are about one and one-quarter miles apart. It is proposed, by the railway, to remove the agent from Norwich, on its Burford Subdivision, and replace him by a caretaker, continuing in place the siding for loading and unloading carload freight. Where economies can be made, in transportation operation, without any unreasonable or undue interference with public convenience, it is to the public interest that this should be allowed, uneconomic, or reduplicated service means greater cost to the public. The village of Norwich, in letter on file with the Board, consented to the proposed change in the following words:—

This station has been operated for over forty years and it is a great convenience to those residing east of the village, for both passenger and freight traffic. Council will have no objection to the station agent being withdrawn and all trains to be operated from the west end station, if the company will maintain a flag station at the east end, properly heated in cold weather, and also maintain a siding there and provide for loading and unloading carload freight on this siding. Council feels that the objections above stated should have favourable consideration, and their request complied with, if at all possible.

The railway accepted these conditions.

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