February 1942, No. 5 Upper Canada Railway Society Bulletin (Toronto) Page 4

Excursion of February 15

February 15 the Society cooperated with the Toronto Model Trainmen's Club in an excursion to London and St. Thomas. Nine members of the Society and two guests were aboard the special coach on the rear end of C.N.R No. 17 when it left Toronto at 8.30 A.M. London was reached at 11.45 and the party then dispersed for lunch. At 1.10 all boarded a special coach on a London and Port Stanley train for St. Thomas. When the group reached their destination they were delighted to find the Canadian Army's light and royal blue and tuscan red exhibition train standing at the Wabash station with C.N. 2-6-0's 907 and 910 at its head. Back in London the C.N. connected a switcher to the excursion coach and pushed it around the local yards, including a call at the local roundhouse. All returned to Toronto at the rear of No. 20.

Railways: C.N.Rys., L. & Pt.S.Ry.