April 1942, No. 7 Upper Canada Railway Society Bulletin (Toronto) Page 1

Society news

It will be recalled that the President's Report, published in the January issue of the Bulletin, advocated the appointment what were termed acting officers to carry on the affairs of the society during the absence on active service of the officers appointed in the regular manner.

The Directors have considered this suggestion and have laid down rules for its operation. Two acting officers have been appointed, which seemed to take care of the immediate needs of the situation. Maurice Winston, a Director of the Society since its beginning and formerly Secretary, has been appointed Acting Third Vice President. Mr. Winston is not replacing anyone in this office as such, since there is no Third Vice-President, but as the First Vice-President does not expect to be available after the coming summer it was deemed wise to have someone to assist the Second Vice-President and another person who could preside at meetings.

The Society's Treasurer John MacNab has already joined the armed forces and the immediate need of a substitute for that important office has been taken care of by the appointment of Charles Randall as Acting Treasurer.

Some changes in Bulletin policy have also been made by the Directors. It has been decided to publish the Bulletin nine times a year, monthly September through March, a combined April-May issue (of which this is the first) and a Summer issue to be published in July.

It is hoped that the summer numbers will be among the best and largest published but this call only be the case if adequate material is forthcoming from our members. Articles of all kinds are welcomed and those that are of general interest will certainly be used.