April 1944 Upper Canada Railway Society Bulletin (Toronto) Page 1

U.C.R.S. library

A.1 Engineers' & Firemen's Handbook (Kirkman)
B.1 Wheels of Progress (T.T.C. Publicity Booklet)
C.1 Railroad & Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin No. 36 (Colorado Midland Railroad)
D.1 Canadian Railroad Historical Association (Toronto Chapter) Bulletin No. 2
E.1 A History of British Railways Down to the Year 1830 (C.F. Dendy Marshall)
F.1 Canadian Railroad Historical Assoication Bulletin No. 11
G.1 Canadian Railroad Historical Assoication Bulletin No. 13
H.1 Canadian Railroad Historical Assoication Bulletin No. 15
I.1 Conquest! (Santa Fe Publicity Pamphlet)
J.1 The Locomotive (Aug. 15, 1940)
K.1 Trains, Tracks & Travel (T.W. Van Metre)
M.1 Locomotive Breakdowns, Emergencies and Their Remedies (Fowler)
O.1 Eastern Railroad's Presidents' Conference: A Yearbook of Railroad Information.
P.1 The Art of Railroading or the Technique of Modern Transportation (Station & Train Work) (F.J. Proir)
Q.1 The Art, Etc. (Electrical Railroading)
R.1 The Locomotive Brake Equipments (International Library of Technology)
S.1 Stoker, Superheaters, Headlights, Train Rules (International Library of Technology)
T.1 Trains (Robert S. Henry)
U.1 Statistical Railroad Summary (1931-1937)
V.1 Handbook of Modern Electric Railway Methods and Practices (American Electric Railway Association)
W.1 Locomotive Roster, Canadian National Railways (1930)

The above list of books and pamphlets which the society thus far has collected for its library, is for the information of the members, and any member so desiring may borrow any item here listed from the Society's Curator, Garner Charles, who is in charge of the collection.

The Periodicals to which the Society subscribes are, of course, available at any time also. These are the magazines Trains, Canadian Transportation, and Canadian National Magazine.