June 1923, Vol. 15, No. 11 Pere Marquette Magazine (Detroit MI) Page 29, col. 2

Sarnia station opened

Pere Marquette's new $30,000 passenger station at Sarnia formally opened to the public on Tuesday, May 22, when train No. 5 from the south and the east arrived at 12:00 noon. The last train to leave the old passenger terminal was No. 6 at 7:05 A.M.

The new station represents the very latest ideas in modern passenger station construction. It is built of concrete and tapestry brick and is one and one-half stories high.

The building was thrown open to the public for inspection on Tuesday morning when a number of Pere Marquette representatives were in attendance. Among these were Supt. J. J. Corcoran, of the Detroit-Canadian division, Detroit Mich.; Mr. W. M. Guy, Division Freight and Passenger Agent, Chatham; Assistant Superintendent R. S. Black of the Canadian division; E. O. Niles, Division Passenger Agent, Saginaw, and others.

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