Friday, August 21, 1896 The Banner (Aurora)

Unless some change is made in the platform at the station here some person will be badly hurt if not killed, and the railway Co. will have the privilege of paying heavy damages, if not indicted for manslaughter. The platform in front of the station is not more [than] 10 feet wideActually, the platform was 9' wide and only 6' wide in front of the operators bay window[NAC/NMC96466]. and fully five feet high without any guard rail whatever. A short-sighted person, or any person in the dark, is liable to walk off the edge of the platform. It is most the inconvenient and unslightly looking building on the whole Grand Trunk systemThe station at Alvinston was of the same design. and is a standing disgrace to the company.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Aurora