May 1929, Vol. 22, No. 5 Railway Signaling (Chicago IL) Page 199, col. 3

News of the month

Highway crossing signals in Canada

The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada has re-issued its specifications for signals at highway crossings. Evidently these specifications are not intended to cover all questions which may have to be decided in the case of any particular installation, there being no specific statement as to what will or will not be approved under certain conditions. After prescribing material, dimensions, conditions, etc., as to the post, the bell and a few other details, there is a paragraph requiring that every signal shall be inspected every morning; and be tested by placing a wire across the rails; and if any signal fails to operate, or operates continuously, a flagman must be stationed at such crossing at once. Failure to place a flagman as required will subject the defaulter to a fine of $50.