September 1929, Vol. 22, No. 9 Railway Signaling (Chicago IL) Page 351, col. 1

"Lighting Flash" crossing signal

The "lightning flash" highway crossing signal, made by Dominion International Equipments, Ltd., Ottawa, Canada, has been installed in Niagara Falls, Ont., at a number of crossings of the Michigan Central—25 signals in all; and to celebrate the completion of the installation, the city, on July 30, held a "safety day" with public ceremonies, including a banquet, largely attended. Addresses were made by Hon. T. C. Norris, member of the board of railway commissioners for Canada, Hon. George S. Henry, minister of highways for Ontario, and others.

"Lightning Flash" crossing signal.

The "lightning flash" signal has been in use for some time at a crossing near Hull, Québec. The light, the shape of the conventional flash of lightning and about 4 ft. long, is produced by neon tubes.

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