Thursday, December 7, 1905, Vol. 28, No. 23 The Liberal (Richmond Hill) Page 5, col. 2

Building James Bay R.R.

The railway men took down their tents a few days ago, near the village, and moved to another place. A large gang is now working in the Don Valley flats, near Taylor's mill. They started work there Friday. The proposal to divert the Don, near the paper mill, is still to be settled by the court. If it is granted the railway will divert the river for a short distance, save two bridges, and make a straighter line and avoid an ice-jam in spring. The engineers expect to have the whole three miles in the valley graded before Christmas and to begin track laying almost immediately. The diversion in the river can be accomplished in less than a week, and all the material for the seven steel bridges crossing the Don is no on the belt line, and can be moved up any day as soon as the rails are laid. The ties are also ready. The rails are being laid in a southerly direction from Beaverton, and is now well down to the town-line between Markham and Whitchurch. All the abutments for the bridges in the Don Valley have been built with the exception of two or three, and these as being rushed forward. The officers of the railway expect to complete the iron from Toronto to Beaverton before March 1.

Railways: J.B.Ry.