Thursday, March 2, 1905, Vol. 27, No. 35 The Liberal (Richmond Hill) Page 5, col. 2

Village Council.

Council met Monday, Feb. 27, Members present, the Reeve and Councillors Crosby, Glass and Trench. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. The following accounts were read:—

John Startup, work at rink 12 00
Henry Rumble, 44 loads gravel 4 40
Snow shovelling acc't per J. Startup 1 60

The following correspondence in reference to the proposed station of the James Bay Railway at Richmond Hill was read:—J. Barbour, Right of way Agent, to P. G. Savage, Feb. 18; P. G. Savage, Reeve, to J. Barbour, Feb. 23; J. Barbour to P. G. Save, Feb. 24; A. C. G. Lawrence, Barrister, draft of by-law, Feb. 24; proposed agreement between the James Bay Railway Company and the Corporation of the Village of Richmond Hill.

The committee appointed at the last meeting of the Council report, and submitted a draft of the proposed By-law in pursuance of the terms of said agreement.

Trench—Glass—that By-law No. 198 re. James Bay Railway Company be read a first time.—Carried.

The By-law was read a first time.

Glass—Trench—that the By-law be read a second time.—Carried.

Savage—Trench—that the Council go into committee of the whole, Mr. Crosby in the chair, to fill blanks or make any other changes in the By-law. Carried.

The committee rose and reported blanks filled, together with amendments.

Crosby—Glass—that the Council adjourn till the 3rd day of April next, when the By-law shall be read the third time and passed or rejected.—Carried.

Glass-Trench—that By-law No. 198 be advertised in the The Liberal newspaper paper for three successive weeks in accordance with the Statues of Ontario 1903, Chap. 19, Sec. 338.—Carried.

The Council adjourned.

M. Teefy, Clerk

Railways: J.B.Ry.

Stations: Richmond Hill