Thursday, June 20, 1907, Vol. 29, No. 51 The Liberal (Richmond Hill) Page 1, col. 4

Excursion to Parry Sound

A most enjoyable trip but a late return

Nearly 500 people attended the excursion of the Richmond Hill & Yonge Street Agricultural Society to Parry Sound over the C. N. O. Railway yesterday. The weather was delightful, the management was good and everybody thoroughly enjoyed himself and herself. The excursionists were crowded after leaving Richmond Hill station, but at Beaverton two more coaches were added, and the balance of the journey was made with comfort. To the greater part of the excursionists the trip was new. Those who sent over the road for the first time were more than delighted with the picturesque scenery, especially through the Muskoka District. The waters look soft and clear, and everything has the appearance of health, pleasure and comfort. Dozens of beautiful sheets of water could be mentioned, but probably one of the most attractive spots is Sparrow Lake, an idea summer resort for tourists, with pretty promontories jutting out all around it, and affording a favorite resort for lovers of the fishing rod. Parry Sound, the destination of the excursionists, was reached about noon. Those who did not take their lunch baskets with them went to various places for their meals, a large number of patronizing the Ladies' Aid who spread tables on the Methodist church law. Another favorite resort was the Belvidere, a large and commodious hotel, beautifully situated overlooking the bay. The afternoon was pleasantly spent in various ways. Quite a number took a two-hour's sail, visiting the Hole in the Wall and other places. Other excursionists visited the public buildings and the large mills, lumbering being the chief industry of the town.

The whole trip is worthy of a more extended report than we are able to give this week. Unfortunately, an incident occurred on the "homestretch" which caused a little unpleasantness to those who had arranged to be back on scheduled time. When passing a point a few miles past Mt. Albert, the train was signaled, when it was learned that the new notorious "sink hole' was unsafe to pass over, the track having sunk rapidly after a freight train had crossed it a 9 p.m. The train was backed to Mt Albert where by the shrill blowing of the engine whistle and one or two messengers the night operator was awakened, and brought to the station to telegraph to Toronto for a train to come to the rescue of the homeward-bound party. After an all night wait on the cars a train arrived from the south at 7 a.m., when the excursionist walked over the "sink hole" on a temporary plank bridge, and were conveyed to their homes. With the exception of this unpleasantness—which might have been worse—the success of the event was complete. No happier, merrier, or more agreeable assemblage could be brought together.

Railways: C.N.O.Ry.

Stations: Beaverton, Mount Albert, Parry Sound, Richmond Hill