Thursday, April 12, 1923, Vol. 45, No. 41 The Liberal (Richmond Hill) Page 1, col. 3

Schomberg Junction

The Metropolitan Railway, having sold its property on Farnham Avenue, North Toronto, has established the despatching office in the old store at the park at Bond Lake. It is the intention of the company to erect a new station at Schomberg Junction, which will house the despatchers' offices. The system will then be divided into three divisions, from Toronto to Schomberg Junction, Schomberg Junction to Schomberg, and Schomberg Junction to Sutton West. This change will be a great improvement, as if difficulty is encountered in one section, the whole system will not be tired up, as sometimes happens at present. The company also proposed to erect a new freight shed and stores depot at Schomberg Junction.

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